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LASIK is an invasive eye surgery that uses laser equipment to correct vision problems. The doctor uses the technology to cut into the outer corneal layer to reach the underlying layers. They reshape it to repair the curvature issues that distort your vision.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing this type of vision correction.


Better Vision


Better eyesight is one of the main motivating benefits of getting LASIK. Its results include optimum or better 20/20 visual perception. Research and tests of many people show that this procedure also improves night vision. Improving your eyesight has far-reaching advantages that include boosting your confidence.


Quick Recovery


Due to the location of the procedure, you can experience quick recovery since corneal tissue heals fast. You can expect to have an improvement in your vision almost immediately. In addition, you may resume your usual routine at least 24 hours afterward.

More often than not, you may experience dryness, visual fluctuations, and slight discomfort. However, this may clear up in around seven days. Full recovery is only standard for some, though you can expect to heal entirely in three months.

Post-op complications are rare with LASIK, and most people report excellent vision results. It is advisable to follow your doctor’s recommendations for a smooth recovery. Some may include:


  • Maintain and stay in clean surroundings

  • Avoid bathtubs and swimming

  • Do not apply makeup during the first week

  • Attend all follow-up appointments


Recreational Freedom


Many athletes with vision problems choose LASIK because of its benefits in the sporting industry. Wearing contacts may offer similar freedoms, but they have some risk factors. Spectacles are unreliable as they may fall off, break, or gather dust during a sporting activity. Such occurrences can dampen an athlete’s performance, hence the disadvantage.

LASIK allows athletes to play under extreme conditions that are unsuitable for glasses. They also benefit from convenience, better reaction time, and improved focus while playing. When playing in stadiums, their vision is better since the challenging lights have minimum effects on their eyes.


Permanent Solutions

LASIK offers long-term improvements to your vision by permanently changing the physical aspects of your eyes. The only time you must see your doctor is during an emergency or annual eye exam. With glasses and contacts, you may have to schedule regular visits to update your prescription.

Whether or not you undergo LASIK at some point, your vision may progressively decline after you reach your 40s. The vision correction may be permanent. However, it does not stop the natural degradation of eyesight due to age.



LASIK is among the safest surgical procedures to correct your vision. Many may view laser eye incisions as scary and painful. One of the reasons for its popularity is that you experience little to no pain.


Your surgeon administers numbing eye drops before beginning the procedure. They are similar to other eye drops but contain a local anesthetic. The numbing agent infiltrates your entire eye once you blink. You will only feel the speculum holding your eye open.


For more about the benefits of LASIK eye surgery, call Berris Optical at our Rocky River, Ohio office. Call 440-571-7100 to schedule an appointment today.

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