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Facial geometry is vital in how beauty is perceived, and specific facial shapes appeal to the eyes differently. Accentuating the face using eyeglasses will depend on an individual’s facial geometry. Knowing your face shape will make it easy to choose the glasses that suit you. Facial contours come in several categories: round, square, oval, heart, triangle, and diamond. 


Square Face Shape

Square face shapes have wide and strong jawlines and cheekbones. You should choose eyeglasses with gentle, curvier shapes if you have a square face. Rimless glasses are a great option to make the angular features appear softer. 

Choose thinner frames and neutral colors, and avoid hard lines that can make your face look blockier or more angular. You can wear cat eye, oval, or round eyeglasses.


Oval Face Shape

If you have an oval face, you have the benefit of being able to wear virtually all eyeglass styles available. It is the most universal or common shape. The excellent facial symmetry with the longer forehead and soft angles makes it easy to find the best eyeglasses. 

You can choose eyeglasses to accentuate your features or experiment with unique styles. Find eyeglasses that balance out your angles and highlight your best features. 


Round Face Shape 

Round faces are asymmetrical and have soft angles with wide cheekbones. The shape offers several options when it comes to frame styles.

You can get eyeglasses with hard angles or curvy lines, like thick angular frames, cat eye, or geometric frames. Rectangular frames make this face shape appear thinner and longer. 


Triangle Face Shape 

Triangle faces, also known as pear-shaped, have similar characteristics to heart-shaped faces, with high cheekbones and strong jaw. Triangle-shaped faces have a flat top, so curved frames are ideal for softening the sharp angles. 

On the other hand, some people choose to accentuate the angle features. Choose eyeglasses that focus more on your forehead and less on your jawline. Aviators, cat eyes, and D-frames are good options. 


Heart Face Shape 

Heart-shaped faces are characterized by an angled jawline and high cheekbones—an inverted triangle. If you have a heart-shaped face, you should choose wide frames. Both straight-angled and curvy eyeglasses can work well for you. 

D-frames and Aviators are good choices for this shape. Eyeglasses that are wider than your forehead add balance to your face. Oval-shaped eyeglasses can help highlight your eyes.


Diamond Face Shape 

Diamond faces have sharp angles that can benefit from different eyeglass styles. You can choose sharp angles for a striking look or soft angles for a gentler approach. Both rimless and hard-lined eyeglasses can work for you. Consider your preference and personal style when choosing the eyeglasses that work for you.

Examine your facial features in a mirror to find out your face shape. Take a photo of yourself to examine the length of your face, the width of the forehead and cheekbones, and your jawline. Pull your hair away from your face when examining your features, and pay attention to the longest and widest parts. If your shape does not fall precisely into one standard category, try out several eyeglasses to find the perfect pair.

For more on the best eyeglasses for your face shape, visit Berris Optical at our Rocky River, Ohio office. Call 440-571-7100​​​​​​​ to schedule an appointment today.

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