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Some people prefer wearing contacts for convenience. Technology has made it easy to get contact lenses shipped quickly to your door. But the eyes are a sensitive part of the human body and need professional care whenever there is a need for any change.


For individuals who wear contacts, a contact lens exam is essential. Getting a contact lens exam helps ensure a proper fitting for both eyes. Doing so also ensures that the contact lenses do not harm the health of your eyes.


What Are Contacts?

Contact lenses refer to thin plastic pieces worn on the eye to correct vision problems. Some of the reasons people choose to wear contacts are:


  • Contact lenses provide a broad visual field

  • They do not steam/fog up

  • Contact lenses do not reflect or distort light

  • Contact lenses are tight-fitting and cannot fall out of your eye

  • They do not alter physical appearance

  • They have no facial discomfort

  • You can wear sunglasses with contacts


The first step to wearing contacts is going for a contact lens examination. Doing so helps verify that you qualify for contacts, as well as enables you to get a proper fitting.


What Is a Contact Lens Exam?


A contact lens exam verifies whether you are eligible to wear contacts. Your eye doctor will determine your eye health by conducting an eye exam. After doing so, several tests are necessary to get your contacts lens prescription. Such tests also help detect any conditions that hinder wearing contact lenses.


Contact Lens Exam Process

Your optometrist will discuss the type of contacts that suits your lifestyle. Some are disposable or reusable, and some cater to certain eye conditions.


Your doctor will note this information then measure your eyes to ensure a proper fit and comfort. Your specialist can also do a tear duct evaluation. Doing so helps test whether your eyes can produce enough moisture to support the contacts.


Contact Lens Fitting and Care

Your doctor will fit you with a pair of trial contacts for about a week. Contact lenses vary in size. A fitting is ideal to ensure the safe correction of vision problems. If you wear ill-fitting contacts, you risk conditions that lead to blindness. After the period is over, you will visit your optometrist for a follow-up examination. Doing so helps end any potential complications. Once your doctor verifies that you have no discomfort, you get a supply of contact lenses.


Contact lenses should remain in a hygienic state to maintain your eye health. It is ideal to know the type you use. There are disposable lenses and reusable ones that need cleaning before bed. Proper care and storage can give you the best out of your contacts. Doing so will reduce the risk of getting eye infections.


When Should You Get the Contact Lens Exam? 


You may need a contact lens exam if you get contacts for the first time or if your prescription changes. If you are a contact lens wearer, you may need to see your doctor once every year. Contacts reduce the appropriate amount of oxygen entering your cornea. Over time, this can damage and affect your eye health. You should consult your doctor if you have eye redness, stinging, or grittiness.


For more on contact lens exams, contact Berris Optical at our office in Rocky River, Ohio. You can call 440-571-7100 today to book an appointment.

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