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Most people wearing eyeglasses for vision correction overlook updating their glasses prescription. Vision constantly changes. It requires you to keep up with the changes. In the case of your vision, it means keeping up with your prescription. 


What Is Glasses Prescription?


A glasses prescription is a written document that outlines the exact specifications of the lenses needed to correct vision. It includes information such as lens type, power, and pupillary distance. An optician uses the prescription to create lenses and fit them inside your chosen frames.


How Often Should You Update Your Glasses Prescription?


Experts recommend that individuals between 18 and 60 get comprehensive eye exams every two years. But you will need eye exams more frequently if your eye doctor recommends it. Children need regular eye exams as their eyes develop and change. 

Aside from routine eye exams, you may need to update your eyeglass prescription more frequently based on various factors.


Factors That Affect the Frequency of Updating Your Glasses Prescription

Several factors affect the frequency of updating your eyeglass prescription. They include the following:

  • Age - Aging causes vision changes. Thus, you may require a different prescription to correct your vision.

  • Health conditions - Some conditions like hypertension and diabetes can affect your eyesight. This means more frequent eye exams and prescription updates.

  • Lifestyle changes - You may require a prescription update if you make some changes to your lifestyle that can impact your vision. They can include taking up a new hobby or starting a new job.

  • Medications - Some medications can affect your vision. This may require regular eye exams to help monitor changes.

  • Eye injuries - You may need an immediate prescription change if an eye injury causes changes in your vision.


Signs You Need to Update Your Eyeglass Prescription


It is vital to update your prescription as required. Fortunately, some symptoms can help you know it's time to update your prescription before your next eye exam. They include the following:

  • Frequent headaches - Your eye can strain to see, resulting in frequent headaches. If this happens, you may need a prescription change.

  • Difficulty seeing at night - It may be an ideal time to update your eyeglass prescription if you have difficulty seeing at night.

  • Eyestrain - You may need to update your prescription if you constantly rub your eyes or squint. All these signs may be because of eyestrain as your eyes struggle to see.

  • Eye fatigue - You may need a prescription change if your eyes feel tired. It may mean that your current prescription no longer suits your vision needs.

  • Blurred vision – It indicates that you need to update your eyeglass prescription.


Importance of Regular Eye Exams 


Visiting your eye doctor for routine eye exams is crucial. It is the best way to monitor your eye health and check for changes in your vision. It will let you catch issues early to allow prompt treatment. Prioritize your eye health. Schedule an appointment with your eye doctor today.

For more about updating eyeglasses prescription, visit Berris Optical at our office in Rocky River, Ohio. Call 440-571-7100 to book an appointment today.

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