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Vision is one of the most important senses for a child. Children learn a lot from their sight as they grow, and they understand the world best through observation. To keep vision at its healthiest and most effective, we must ensure that our kids are practicing good eye safety. We need to take measures to ensure that their vision is well protected. 

One of the ways that parents can protect and be proactive in ensuring good vision for their children is through regular eye checkups. They ensure that any vision problems are detected early so their children can have the best life possible. 


Here are some other tips for caring for and protecting your child's eyes.




One of the most effective ways to start helping your child's eyesight is through a good diet. Nourishment and proper nutrition are vital in developing good vision in children. You can ensure that their eyes develop correctly by feeding them foods that help this along. They need a steady supply of vitamins C and E, omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, and zinc. You can achieve this by having the following foods in the diet:


  • Oily fish like salmon and tuna

  • Fruit juices like lemons and oranges

  • Vegetables like kale and spinach

  • Alternative protein sources like eggs, beans, and nuts

  • Meat and seafood like pork and oysters




Sufficient sleep is essential for the growth of the eyes and helps refresh them. It is necessary for the whole body and the brain. Please help your child have a regular sleeping pattern to regulate their circadian rhythm. It is especially beneficial for the nervous system and ocular health.




Drinking enough water throughout the day is good for your child's eyes. Drinking four glasses a day is considered an appropriate amount, though it can change depending on your child's age and the climate. 


Protect the Eyes

UV damage from the sun is one of the things that will affect their eyesight as they get older. To help your child enjoy good vision throughout their life, encourage them to wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection when they are outside. 

Also, teach them to wear protective gear when doing chores like mowing the lawn or working in the garage. They should also use protective goggles when playing certain sports or handling any chemicals. In the case of any sort of ocular emergency (such as a foreign object in the eye), it’s imperative to contact an emergency eyecare specialist immediately.



Because children have a habit of touching their faces and rubbing their eyes, you need to get ahead. Encourage good handwashing practices and discourage touching/rubbing eyes to avoid any dirt from getting into their eyes. If they wear lenses, teach them proper hygiene so they can handle the lenses correctly. 


Let Them Go Out


Letting your children play outside is excellent for developing their visual skills. They perceive different colors and objects, and the eyes learn to perceive distance correctly. It has also been shown that outdoor activity helps reduce the chance of myopia development. 


Limit Screen Time


Despite science stating that blue light does not cause long-term damage to the eyes, you will need to limit the time your child spends on screen. Screen time can cause eyestrain that is not suitable for developing eyes. You also want them to engage their eyes doing other things.


For more top tips for kids' eye health and safety, contact Berris Optical at our office in Rocky River, Ohio. Call 440-571-7100 to book an appointment today.

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