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Before you notice any symptoms of ocular conditions, your optometrist can detect them through an eye exam. For more accurate results on your eye health, your doctor might apply some innovative diagnosis procedures such as an Optomap scan. This ensures they get a comprehensive vision analysis to make a more accurate diagnosis for vision correction treatment. It is one of the best solutions for eye conditions.


The Optomap Retinal Scanner


This is an innovative diagnostic device that offers optometrists a modern-day solution to evaluate your retinal health. It helps in accurately ascertaining the level of medical attention your eye requires if you have an eye condition or have had an injury. It is one of the most advanced methods of evaluating the health condition of your retina.


What Does It Involve?


In a nutshell, Optomap retinal scanning gives a comprehensive digital image of your eye. Unlike conventional procedures that could give an estimated 30-degree view of your retinal structure, the optimal retinal scanner gives your optometrist a 200-degree look at your eye’s structure. 


This is because the resultant image is highly defined and magnified. Moreover, this procedure can be done as part of a routine outpatient eye examination that does not necessarily prompt eye dilation.


The Core of the Procedure


Your eye doctor might perform the procedure even if your eyes are not dilated. Optomap retinal scanning uses a low-powered laser that scans your eyes to produce high-definition images of your retinas. After this, your optometrist analyzes the images while comparing them to previous results, leading to a more precise treatment. 


The Results 


Your optometrist can view and expertly analyze your retina thanks to this retinal scan. Integrating the use of Optomap retinal scanning makes their diagnosis more accurate and effective.


Eye professionals can detect various eye conditions that a traditional eye exam may not be able to detect. Some of the conditions that can be detected at an early age include those that are a result of glaucoma, diabetes, and macular degeneration, among others. 


Importance of an Optomap Retinal Scan


Your retina is the part of your eye that facilitates efficient blood flow to your eye. During Optomapping, your optometrist can examine your eye for signs of eye diseases in a more detailed manner. This is due to the superior images they capture. 


The procedure helps in identifying signs of any visual impairments that affect your general vision. Traditional methods cannot do this. Your doctor can detect early signs of diseases that affect your vision, allowing for more informed decisions in their treatment.


Safety of an Optomap Scan


The procedure is safe, according to experts. Research done by Optos showed that over 65 percent of participants in a study experienced no harmful effects. Additionally, the test is good for people of all ages.


For more information on Optomap retinal scans, visit Berris Optical at our office in Rocky River, Ohio. You can also call 440-333-3138 to book an appointment today.

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